Review of the Conference PSALMS 2012 – Badín, Slovakia

P. Dubovský sj, F.-L. Hossfeld, G. Barbiero sdb

The International Biblical Meeting on Psalms with the subtitle:  PSALMS 2012 – Through the eyes of their authors and later reception – has taken place in Badín (Slovakia) in September  13th – 14th 2012. It was organized by the Department of the Biblical Studies of the Theological Institute at Cyril and Methodius’ Faculty of the Roman Catholic Theology of the Comenius University in Bratislava. This biblical Meeting was an outcome of the cooperation of the other three Slovak theological faculties…

– the University in Trnava, of the Catholic University in Ružomberok and in cooperation with the Department of the Philosophy and Religionism of the Greek-Catholic Theological Faculty, University in Prešov and simultaneously with the participation of the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome (Italy).

There were twenty two speakers who presented their conference papers in various languages (English, German, Italian, Czech and Slovak). For the abstracts of all papers see A guide of the Conference – Sprievodca Konferenciou Žalmy 2012, on the page 8-19.

The introductory section of each day was led by the main visiting exegets with their skilled papers. In the first day of the Conference Prof. Gianni Barbiero from the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome dealt with the theme of the interpretation of A non-violent Messiah in Psalm 110 and Prof. Frank-Lothar Hossfeld from the Bonn University (Germany) dedicated his paper to the theme of The reading the Book of the Psalms as a whole.

The programme of the second day was opened by Petr Chalupa, a biblical scholar from the Palacký University in olomouc (Czech Republic). The other active speakers successively presented their conference papers, namely: Peter Dubovský SJ, Jozef Tiňo, Peter Juhás, Stefan Attard, Bohdan Hroboň, Blažej Štrba, Jozef Jančovič, Ivana Procházková, Róbert Jáger, Jaroslav Brož, Libor Marek, Petr Mareček, Mykhaylyna Kľusková, Marek Vaňuš, Lucia Hidvéghyová, Daniel Slivka, Marcela Andoková, Martin Štrbák a Róbert Horka.

The Conference took place as a part of a project of the Theological Faculty of the University in Trnava, which is still under way and it bears the title – The Commentary on the Psalms. As the result of this project there will be the book publication The Commentary on the Psalms,which becomes a part of the collected works of the commentaries already published – Commentary on the Book of Genezis (2008), Commentary to the three small prophets. The other two commentaries – on the Book of Exodus and on the Gospel according to Mark – are still in the process of preparation.

Some of the presented papers in the Conference PSALMS 2012 in Badin will be published in the following edition of the periodical Studia Biblica Slovaca.


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