Studia Biblica Slovaca 10 (2/2018) – published

The content of the current issue StBiSl 10 (2/2018):

  • KELLENBERGER Edgar: Faceless Divine Energies in the Old Testament? A Conversation with Erhard Gerstenberger (pp. 107-120)
  • OLICKAL Mathew: The “Kabod Yahweh” in the Priestly Wilderness Traditions: Numbers 14:10 as a Case Study (pp. 121-141) 
  • GOSSE Bernard: The 42 Generations of the Genealogy of Jesus in Matt 1:1-17, and the Symbolism of Number 42, Curse or Blessing, in the Bible and in Egypt (pp. 142-151)
  • ALEXYOVÁ Adriana: A Proposal for a Structure of the Book of Numbers (pp. 152-158) [in Slovak]
  • FASSBERG Steven S.: A Note on the Ellipsis of the Preposition Bet before the Nouns בית and פתח (pp. 159-164)
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