2. Process of Submitting and Publishing the Articles

1. Submitting the articles. Manuscripts should be submitted to the editor-in-chief by an e-mail attachment (.docx or .pdf) at redakcia(at)biblica.sk.

2. Closing dates. Manuscripts for the first StBiSl issue should be submitted by March 31st and those for the second StBiSl issue by September 30th. Any acceptance of the manuscripts sent after the closing dates is at the discretion of the editor-in-chief.

3. In each StBiSl issue, only one manuscript may be submitted by an author. An exception is made when an author submits manuscripts whose arguments are closely related, but are studied from different point of view, e.g. a history of an ancient manuscript and its textual analysis.

4. Manuscripts which are not consistent with the scope StBiSl will be returned to the authors.

5. Review report. Submitted manuscripts undergo an anonymous peer review process by at least two peer reviewers. The reviewers’ identity remains strictly anonymous to the author. The reviewers are chosen by the editor-in-chief mainly from among the members of the EB as experts in the field of the reviewed manuscript.

A reviewer’s report makes a clear recommendation to publish, to revise or not to publish a submission, providing reasons for his recommendation. If there are two review reports that give contradictory results, the ultimate decision lies with the editor-in-chief. The editor-in-chief communicates the decision with essential indications to the author.

Within 14 days after their announcement, all the peer reviewers’ recommendations in the review report and/or in the peers’ comments of the manuscript should be implemented in the manuscript by the author and then, the manuscript should be re-submitted.

After its re-submission and if the peer reviewers have no further objections, the manuscript is sent for proof editing.

6. Proof editing. Proof editing is provided by the ES. Besides the checking of spelling and grammar, consistency of formatting and adherence to StBiSl style guidelines, it may also include some copy-editing tasks. The proofs are sent in PDF to the corresponding author by the executive editor before the respective StBiSl issues are printed.

7. Authorization. The authors are obliged to return the proofs promptly and without delay no later than three days after the proofs have been delivered. If the authors disagree with the proofs, they must give a clear account for their disapproval by sending an e-mail to the editorial office indicating the manner in which the proof and copy editors be able to resolve the potential ambiguous cases.

8. Proprietary rights and published articles. The proprietary rights of the articles published in StBiSl belong to the StBiSl publisher. The author retains the copyright of the work but grants StBiSl publisher the only and exclusive right to publish for the full legal term of copyright. For their published articles, the authors are not financially remunerated either by the StBiSl editorial office or the StBiSl publisher. Each author receives one StBiSl printed issue for free, even if the author published one or more articles in the same StBiSl issue.

9. After the publishing of the respective StBiSl issue, the editorial office sends for free a PDF version of the articles to its authors (e-offprints). The PDF offprints are sent to the authors’ e-mail addresses as indicated in the attachments to their manuscript. The PDF offprints can be made public only on the authors’ professional web pages or on www.academia.edu and they must be available for free. Making the PDF offprints public on other web portals or the dissemination of the PDF offprints by the authors or by the others than the StBiSl publisher is allowed only with the permission of the StBiSl publisher. This rule is valid for the published articles in StBiSl as well as for its versions before the review process in StBiSl.