How to Arrive at the Conference in Badín

Options of Transfer to Badín

The best option is to fly directly to Bratislava M. R. Štefánik Airport (BTS). However, a more frequent way how to reach Slovakia is to take a flight to Vienna, International Airport Schwechat. There is a well-organized transport from this airport to Bratislava. Once you are in Bratislava, your next direction is Zvolen or Banská Bystrica. It is important to remember the three important places while arranging your trip: 1. Vienna (airport in Schwechat), 2. Bratislava and 3. Zvolen (or Banská Bystrica). As the best transport option, we suggest you travel by bus from Vienna International Airport, Schwechat, via Bratislava, Bus Station (Bratislava, AS) to Zvolen, Bus Station (Zvolen, AS). The transfer from Zvolen to Badín will be provided by the organisers of the conference.

1.   Transfer: Vienna, International Airport SchwechatBratislava

Wien (AU) – Bratislava (SK) – Zvolen (SK) / Banská Bystrica (SK) – Badín (SK)
  • Transit by bus to Bratislava, Bus Station Nivy (Bratislava, AS)

Buses shuttle between Vienna Airport, Schwechat and Bratislava, AS at least every hour. Buses are operated by multiple companies (Slovak Lines, Flixbus, RegioJet).

The timetable of Slovak Lines is available HERE. A travel ticket for the bus of this company should be bought in advance via the mobile application – available for download on the webpage Bus connections of RegioJet company can be searched in Regiojet. The travel ticket can be booked on the RegioJet webpage online or by mobile application. Flixbus company provides two bus connections every day at 10:00 am and 10:10 pm. You can buy the tickets in advance directly on

  • Transit by train to Bratislava, Main Train Station (Bratislava,

If you prefer to travel by train, there is the rapid transit railway (S-Bahn) available from the Vienna Airport, Schwechat. The train lines Nr. 100 and 111 shuttle to Wien Hauptbahnhof (Wien Hbf) every 30 minutes. The ÖBB ticket counter can be found in the arrivals hall and the ticket machines are located in the arrivals hall, the passages to the platforms and on the platforms. From Wien Hbf station another train shuttles to Bratislava, regularly every hour. The timetable is available HERE. Train tickets can be bought from automatic machines at the station or on the webpage with more information.

2.   Transfer: BratislavaZvolen or Banská Bystrica

  • From the Bratislava Airport, a. s. (BTS)

If you fly directly to Bratislava Airport, a. s. (BTS) (cf., the best way to get to Bratislava Bus Station Nivy or to Bratislava Main Train Station is to take the Taxi of the Airport’s partner taxi companies, phone +421 948 966 967. The TAXI price is about 10 EUR.

If you prefer to travel from Bratislava Airport without delay, immediately after landing, you may rent a car at the Airport. More information HERE.

  • Transit by bus

The Bus Station Nivy in Bratislava (Bratislava, AS) is currently under renovation and the temporary bus station is located nearby, on Bottova ulica. The schedule of the temporary bus station is available HERE. Buses to Zvolen, Bus Station (Zvolen, AS) and Banská Bystrica, Bus Station Terminál (Banská Bystrica, AS) depart from platforms Nr. 5, 6, 7 and 8. Bus tickets are usually bought on board (from the driver) by cash.

Buses to Zvolen, AS depart about every hour and the journey takes about 3 hours. The timetable is available HERE.

Buses to Banská Bystrica, AS depart on an irregular basis every half hour to every 2 hours. The journey takes from 3 to 4 hours. The timetable is available HERE.

You can search for more detailed information regarding platforms and stops on the route on the

  • Transit by train

You can search for connections from Bratislava, to Zvolen (Zvolen, osob. st.) or Banská Bystrica (Banská Bystrica, hl. st.) with more detailed information and buy train tickets in advance via the webpage or the webpage of Slovak Railways.

Direct train connections to Zvolen, osob. st. depart about every 2 hours and the journey takes about 3 hours. The timetable of trains to Zvolen, osob. st. is available HERE.

Direct train connections to Banská Bystrica, hl. st. depart irregularly and the travel takes up to 3 and half hours. The timetable of trains directed to Banská Bystrica is available HERE.

3.   Transfer: Zvolen or Banská BystricaBadín

Zvolen, AS (Zvolen Bus Station) is close to Zvolen, osob. st. (main train station). Similarly, in Banská Bystrica, Banská Bystrica, AS (Bus Station Terminál) is close to Banská Bystrica, hl. st. (maintrain station).

  • Transit by car

The distance between Zvolen and Badín is 15 km, but there is no direct transfer by bus. From this reason the conference organiser will provide a direct car transfer to the conference venue. It is also possible to arrange the car transfer from Banská Bystrica. If you choose this possibility, you are kindly asked to inform us in advance. The contact person is Rev. Blažej Štrba. Please, email to blazejstrba(at) or call + 421 907 580 349.

  • Transit by suburban bus

The buses from Banská Bystrica, AS to Badín, Danko depart nearly every hour, from platform Nr. 5. The timetable of the bus departures is available HERE. You can search for more detailed information regarding platforms and stops on the webpage

  • Transit by TAXI

If you are going to arrive in Zvolen, we recommend you to contact the nonstop service Europa Taxi Zvolen, phone +421 944 222 750. The TAXIS reach close to the bus or train station. The TAXI price is about 10 EUR.

If you are going to arrive in Banská Bystrica, you can contact the nonstop service Expres taxi, phone +421 902 410 041. The TAXI station (close to both bus and train main stations, see the map HERE) The price is about 8 EUR.

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