Studia Biblica Slovaca (StBiSl)

LOGO-StBiSlis a peer-reviewed scholarly periodical for philological, historical, exegetical and theological research of the Sacred Scripture of both the Old and the New Testament. It publishes only original research articles in Slovak, Czech and English.                                              

ISSN 2644-4879 (online)

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Jozef Búda Award 2017–2018 given to Jozef Jančovič

Jozef Jančovič

Jozef Búda Award 2017 – 2018 was given to Mons. ThDr. Ing. Jozef Jančovič, SSL. PhD. The new laureate was chosen by StBiSl Editorial Board for his scientific publications, for his academic work at the Department for Biblical Sciences of the Faculty of the Roman Catholic Theology of Cyril and Methodius at Comenius University in Bratislava, for his collaboration with the foundation of the scientific biblical journal StBiSl as well as for his activities in popularizing the outcomes of biblical sciences in Slovakia. Jozef Búda Award 2017 – 2018 will be awarded to Jozef Jančovič on 25 April 2019 in Bratislava.

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StBiSl free access

Logo StBiSl

The complete issues of the annual Studia Biblica Slovaca (2005–2008), as well as the issues of journal StBiSl 1 (2009) – 7 (2015), are now available in .pdf for free. However, you can read free online all issues of the periodical (see StBiSl [ISSUU] or Archive).

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Medzinárodná konferencia “Ježiš a farizeji”

Pápežský biblický inštitút v Ríme usporadúva v dňoch 7. – 9. mája 2019 medzinárodnú konferenciu s názvom Ježiš a farizeji. Viac informácii na

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Emotions in the Bible

The Advent and Christmas season spontaneously evokes hope and the emotion of joy. Besides the joy, many other emotions are attested in the Bible. A preliminary enquiry into the phenomenon of emotions in the Bible has been currently provided by a group of eleven biblical scholars from the Slovak and Czech Republic. The collective monograph with the title Emotions in the Bible: Inquiry into the Phenomenon of Emotions in the Biblical Tradition (2018) has been published as the third volume in the series Studia Biblica Slovaca – Supplementum.

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