Studia Biblica Slovaca (StBiSl)

LOGO-StBiSlis a peer-reviewed scholarly periodical for philological, historical, exegetical and theological research of the Sacred Scripture of both the Old and the New Testament. It publishes only original research articles in Slovak, Czech and English.                                              

ISSN 1338-0141 (print)  •  e-ISSN 2644-4879 (online)

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Milovať cudzinca: prednáška a prezentácia

7. októbra 2021 o 17.00 hod. vystúpi prof. P. Georg Braulik, OSB na RKCMBF UK v Bratislave s prednáškou pre akademickú obec na tému Milovať cudzinca. O prikázaní v Deuteronómiu 10,19. Prednáška sa koná v rámci podujatia Fakultné štvrtky na pôde RKCMBF UK v Bratislave a jej súčasťou bude prezentácia novej publikácie s titulom “Tvoje oči videli. Štúdie venované Georgovi Braulikovi, OSB”, ktorá vychádza v edícii Studia Biblica Slovaca – Supplementum. Viac informácii nájdete v letáku.

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StBiSl 13/1 (2021) Now Available

The content of the current issue StBiSl 13/1 (2021):

  • CANDIDO, Dionisio: How Was the Book of Judith Received among the Eastern Fathers of the Fourth Century CE?
  • KUNJANAYIL, Paul: The Interconnection between the Emmanuel Theme and the Forgiveness of Sins Theme in the Gospel of Matthew
  • FENÍK, Juraj: Clothing Symbolism in the Elijah-Elisha Cycle and in the Gospel of John
  • MAJTÁN, Ľubomír: Motives of Circumcision of Timothy in Acts 16:1-5: Historical, Ethnical and Religious Aspect of the Circumcision of Timothy in the Acts of the Apostles and the Theological Interpretation From the Perspective of the Early Church Community [in Slovak]
  • TICHÝ, Ladislav: How To Understand Paul’s Expression in 1 Cor 7:38b? [in Czech]
  • TYROL, Anton: Elijah: Journey in Silence and Toil, with Heavenly Food [in Slovak]

You can find the summaries of all the treatises here. To see the complete issue click here.

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e-StBiSl 13 (1/2021)

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Coming Soon StBiSl 13/1 (2021)

The newest issue StBiSl 13/1 (2021) offers five biblical studies: one dealing with an Old Testamental theme (Jdt) and four with the topics from the New Testament (Matt; John; Tim; 1 Cor). There is also one biblical reflection on the figure of Eliah followed by four reviews of the biblical monographs, by abstracts from the foreign current journals, and by news from the biblical field.

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