Studia Biblica Slovaca (StBiSl)

LOGO-StBiSlis a peer-reviewed scholarly periodical for philological, historical, exegetical and theological research of the Sacred Scripture of both the Old and the New Testament. It publishes only original research articles in Slovak, Czech and English.                                              

ISSN 1338-0141 (print)  •  e-ISSN 2644-4879 (online)

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Studia Biblica Slovaca 12 (1/2020) – available

The content of the current issue StBiSl 12 (1/2020):

  • TOV, Emanuel: Some Major Israelite Figures in the Former Prophets in the Tradition of the Septuagint
  • DUBOVSKÝ, Peter: From Miracle-makers Elijah and Elisha to Jesus and Apocrypha
  • TICHÝ, Ladislav: Rahab the Prostitute in the New Testament
  • MAREČEK, Petr: Elijah: His Role and Importance in the Gospel of Luke  
  • PANCZOVÁ, Helena: Allegorical Exegesis of the Greek Philosophers as Background of Hellenistic Biblical Exegesis: Literary-cultural Survey [in Slovak]

You can find the summaries of all the treatises here. To see the complete issue click here.

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e-StBiSl 12 (1/2020)

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StBiSl available on EBSCOhost

The Editors of the biblical scientific journal Studia Biblica Slovaca are glad to inform that StBiSl is now also accessible via the EBSCOhost research platform.

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Pripravované StBiSl 12 (1/2020)

Novopripravované júnové číslo StBiSl 12 (1/2020) prinesie päticu štúdií uznávaných odborníkov na Sväté písmo a staroveké jazyky. Štyri odborné exegetické články sú v anglickom jazyku a spadajú do jednej tematickej roviny zaoberajúcej sa postavami z korpusu tzv. Skorších prorokov v SZ a ich recepciou v NZ. Štúdia v slovenskom jazyku sa venuje starovekej alegorickej exegéze.

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