Studia Biblica Slovaca (StBiSl)

LOGO-StBiSlis a peer-reviewed scholarly periodical for philological, historical, exegetical and theological research of the Sacred Scripture of both the Old and the New Testament. It publishes only original research articles in Slovak, Czech and English.                                              

ISSN 1338-0141 (print)  •  e-ISSN 2644-4879 (online)

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StBiSl 13/2 (2021) Now Available

The content of the current issue StBiSl 13/2 (2021):

StBiSl 13/2 (2021)
  • HOSŤOVECKÝ, Miroslav: The Interpretation of the Term “Azazel” in the Scapegoat Ritual of Lev 16 and Its Later Reception [in Slovak]
  • GOSSE, Bernard: The Administration of the Postexilic Sanctuary in the Line of the Chronicles Traditions, the Governor, the Priest, and Cyrus, and the Charismatic Contestation
  • KĽUSKOVÁ, Mykhaylyna: The Portrayal of Gad in 1 Chr 21
  • KORYTIAKOVÁ, Martina: The Semi-Figurative Meaning of σκάνδαλα in Jdt 5:1: An Interpretation from the Perspective of an Ancient Warfare Defence
  • PRIHATNÝ, Pavel: Poem on Endeavour for Wisdom (Sir 6:18-37): Semitic and Poetic Analysis [in Slovak]
  • ÁBEL, František: Elijah in the Message of Paul the Apostle: Typology of the Elijah Figure in Paul’s Missionary Zeal for the Gospel
  • BRAULIK, Georg: To Love the Stranger: About the Commandment in Deuteronomy 10:19 [in Slovak]

You can find the summaries of all the treatises here. To see the complete issue click here.

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Peaceful Christmas 2021

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e-StBiSl 13 (2/2021)

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Frédéric Manns

Frédéric Manns

22. decembra 2021 si Pán života povolal k sebe do nebeského Jeruzalema experta na judaizmus, biblistu a teológa františkána prof. P. Frédérica Mannsa (nar. 3. 10. 1942 vo chorvátskom Widnhorste). Zádušná svätá omša a pohreb budú 23. 12. 2021 v Jeruzaleme (Izrael).

Redakcia StBiSl sa pripája k smútiacemu biblickému svetu, ktorý prof. Manns obohatil šírením poznania biblickej a judaistickej tradície. Zosnulý profesor navštívil Slovensko a bol i prispievateľom do nášho periodika StBiSl.

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