1. Journal’s Characteristics

1. Studia Biblica Slovaca (hereafter StBiSl) is a peer-reviewed semi-annual scholarly periodical (ISSN 1338-0141; e-ISSN 2644-4879) for exegetical, theological, philological and historical research of the Sacred Scripture of both the Old and the New Testaments. The scope is to publish only original, scientific and professional papers on knowledge generated by the latest research on biblical science.

2. StBiSl is a periodical especially for scholars of biblical exegesis and biblical theology, biblical linguistics, history and archaeology. StBiSl also welcomes submissions in biblical exegetical studies which are in the interdisciplinary dialogue with Christian theology, Judaic studies, patristic studies, liturgy, etc.

All the articles published in StBiSl have to meet the criteria of scientific research. They have to be able to present an issue in a respectful scientific debate, to offer new findings on the respective issue and above all to offer an innovative solution to the issue.

StBiSl also publishes a book review section.

3. StBiSl is issued twice a year. The manuscripts must be submitted by March 31st or September 30th. StBiSl does not publish the articles, their parts or their translations which have been previously published elsewhere or which are already under another review process.

4. The articles in StBiSl are published in Slovak, Czech or English. The Slovak and Czech authors can publish in English only if they are actually and verifiably engaged abroad. In particular cases, the Editorial Board (hereafter EB) can make an exception from the rule regarding the language of publishing and permit the publication of the articles, e.g., in German or Italian.

5. The formatting of the articles submitted to the StBiSl must follow the specific requirements of both this document and the StBiSl Bibliography and Citation Style (hereafter BCS).

6. Each manuscript submitted to StBiSl editor-in-chief (hereafter editor-in-chief) undergoes an anonymous peer review process by two independent reviewers from the Editorial Board. The author is given the result of the review report by editor-in-chief himself.

7. StBiSl Editorial Staff (hereafter ES) consists of:

  • a. Advisory Board
  • b. Editorial Board: editor-in-chief, deputy editor, review editor, executive editor, and other members.

8. EB assembles twice a year and is convoked by the editor-in-chief.

9. StBiSl Publisher (since 2012): Comenius University, Faculty of Roman Catholic Theology of Cyril and Methodius, Kapitulská 26, 814 58 Bratislava 1, Slovakia.

Prior StBiSl Publisher (2006 – 2011): Katolícke biblické dielo [Katholisches Bibelwerk], Jilemnického 32/A, 059 21 Svit, Slovakia.

10. StBiSl is abstracted and indexed in ATLA Religion Database; EBSCO; Old Testament Abstracts (ISSN 0364-8591); New Testament Abstracts (ISSN 0028-6877).

(Journal’s Characteristics [2019 – 2023] in PDF)