StBiSl 15/1 (2023) – Available Online

The content of the current online issue of StBiSl 15/1 (2023):

StBiSl 15/1 (2023)
  • GOSSE, Bernard: The Relation between Davidic Messiah and Mosaic Torah in the Final Redaction of the Five Books of the Psalter
  • PRIHATNÝ, Pavel: Some Reflections on Thematic Developments in the Hebrew Manuscript “A” of Ben Sira
  • KORYTIAKOVÁ, Martina: Judith’s Two Blows in Jdt 13:8
  • ŠTRBA, Blažej: Mattathias as Joshua in 1 Macc 2
  • MASCILONGO, Paolo: The “Gentile Mission” in Mark’s Gospel: A Review of Recent Research
  • NOVOTNÝ, Štefan: The Trial by Fire and Water: Elijah and Jesus in Luke 12:49-50 [in Slovak]

The current issue includes the abstacts of LIBER ANNUUS LXXI (2021) and two book reviews.

Click here to read summaries or here to discover the complete issue online. Orders of the printed issue: kniznica(at)

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