New StBiSl Supplementum Coming Soon

A new title is coming soon in the series Studia Biblica Slovaca – Supplementum: “Niniveh Is Devastated”. An Exegetic Study of Nah 3:1-7 in the Light of the Historic-literary Context. The new monography of sister Fides Iveta Strenková CJ is unique for several reasons. It is the first title of the series published in the Italian language whose author is a woman-biblist from Slovakia and it is the first scientific study of the Book of Nahum to be published by a Slovak exegete scholar in Slovakia. The contribution of Strenková’s book has been summarised by Peter Dubovský SJ as follows: “Strenková presents a new interpretation of the rhetoric questions pertaining to Nah 3:17 and partially opposes the already existing interpretations.”

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