Studia Biblica Slovaca 11 (2/2019) – published

The content of the current issue StBiSl 11 (2/2019):

  • HÄNER, Tobias: Jobe, Victim of Ironies. A Linguistic Reevaluation of Job 1:10 in Its Context
  • MAJTÁN, Ľubomír: Timothy and Charisma in 1 Tim 4:14: A Recognition or A Transfer through the Laying on of Hands by the Elders?
  • BOTTINI, Giovanni Claudio: Continuity and Innovation in Biblical Tradition: Elijah from 1 Kgs 17-18 to Jas 5:17-18
  • RINDOŠ, Jaroslav: The Greek Genitive εὐδοκίας in Luke 2:1
  • ZAVARSKÝ, Svorad: The Book of Psalms by Blasius Aponi de Nagy Appon (1624) and the Inculturation of Faith

You can find the complete content of the whole issue together with the summaries here.

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