StBiSl 13/1 (2021) Now Available

The content of the current issue StBiSl 13/1 (2021):

  • CANDIDO, Dionisio: How Was the Book of Judith Received among the Eastern Fathers of the Fourth Century CE?
  • KUNJANAYIL, Paul: The Interconnection between the Emmanuel Theme and the Forgiveness of Sins Theme in the Gospel of Matthew
  • FENÍK, Juraj: Clothing Symbolism in the Elijah-Elisha Cycle and in the Gospel of John
  • MAJTÁN, Ľubomír: Motives of Circumcision of Timothy in Acts 16:1-5: Historical, Ethnical and Religious Aspect of the Circumcision of Timothy in the Acts of the Apostles and the Theological Interpretation From the Perspective of the Early Church Community [in Slovak]
  • TICHÝ, Ladislav: How To Understand Paul’s Expression in 1 Cor 7:38b? [in Czech]
  • TYROL, Anton: Elijah: Journey in Silence and Toil, with Heavenly Food [in Slovak]

You can find the summaries of all the treatises here. To see the complete issue click here.

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