Registration open

Registration for the conference is open from 8 September, 2019 until 30 November, 2019.

Please read all necessary information for the registration (here) before you will fill in the Registration Form (Download), which is the same for all participants, both speakers, and listeners.

Informative program of the conference will be published in October 2019.

Registration fee is the same for all, however the cost for accommodation and board depends on your choice of the type of room and meals.

To know the price of accommodation and board in advance, you can use the Accommodation and Board Cost Calculator (Download).

Completed Registration Form and Cost Calculatorshould be sent to You will then receive a personal confirmation email containing accurate information on how to pay the registration fee and on the payment for accommodation and meals.

Please we ask you kindly to pay for accommodation and food no later than 15 November, 2019.

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