The newest issue of StBiSl 9/2 (2017)

The second issue of StBiSl 9/2 (2017) has been already published:

  • KĽUSKOVÁ Mykhaylyna: The Motif of Land as an Object of Ownership in Psalm 37
  • KORYTIAKOVÁ Martina: On the Meaning of εἰς παρεμβολὰς αὐτοῦ in Jdt 16:2b
  • VILHAN Pavel: The Book of Sirach Full of Inspiration
  • BUSCEMI Alfio Marcello: Paul of Tarsus and Mother Church in Jerusalem
  • PANCZOVÁ Helena: The Technique of Translating From Biblical Greek (4): An Analysis of the New Slovak Translation of Psalms 50(51)–74(75) According to the Septuagint
  • ŠTRBA Blažej: The Influence of the Latin misericors on the New Testament Translation “merciful”.

Click here to download the summaries.

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